Kick Your Smoking Habit With These Helpful Tips

Many smokers think that quitting is easily accomplished by tossing the cigarettes away and relying on sheer determination to stop. While such tactics may actually help, they may make quitting extremely difficult and you do not want to set yourself up for failure. There are a number of methods you can put to use that will assist you in quitting your smoking successfully.

Be easy on yourself when you quit smoking. Don’t try quitting outright without a coping plan in place. There is a very high chance you will start smoking again if you do. Because nicotine is very addictive, you should utilize some type of therapy, medication, or a patch. These things will help you with any withdrawal symptoms you may experience, and make quitting successfully much more likely.

TIP! Try to delay your next cigarette. Tell yourself you need to take a long walk before you could smoke, or try to drink a glass of water prior to smoking.

Let your family and friends in on the secret that you plan to stop smoking. When you let people know your plans, they can help you remain focused on quitting. This could potentially be the extra push you need to stay on track with your quitting plan.

If you want to stop smoking forever, take things one day at a time. Focus on getting through just one day rather than for the rest of your life. You can always set more goals that go well into the future as soon as you feel comfortable with your level of commitment to quitting.

Many ex-smokers have found that hypnosis works when quitting smoking. Each year, thousands of people utilize the services of licensed hypnotic therapists for help with their smoking addiction. Entering a deep trance while hearing positive affirmations may work for you. Once you come out of the trance, the desire to smoke will not be as strong and you will be closer to quitting successfully.

TIP! Get lots of rest when you are trying to stop smoking. Not getting adequate sleep can sometimes lead to cravings.

Ask your family to help you

Ask your family members to get on board with your decision to stop smoking. It is critical that the people closest to you offer support, and you can do without them being judgmental. Let them know that you’ll be moody at the beginning, and that you might not be quite yourself. Quitting smoking is not easy, and you’re going to need support to succeed.

Talk to your doctor if you want to stop smoking. Your physician may have what you did not know existed.

Try to encourage friends and family to support your decision to stop smoking. Ask them to provide you with encouragement and not criticism. You should inform them that it’s likely you’ll be in a bad mood at first and that you probably won’t think clearly. It is not simple to stop smoking and you should always develop a support system.

TIP! If you simply cannot quit smoking straight out, make use of nicotine gums or skin patches. These products deliver small doses of nicotine to your body to help wean off the addiction without the pain and stress of withdrawal.

Consider using a new brand when you first think to stop smoking. Choose a brand you find unpalatable. Do not smoke a greater number of them than usual or modify the way in which you have chosen to purchase light cigarettes. This technique will get you get started on your cessation journey.

Reduce the amount of cigarettes that you smoke. Try waiting at least one hour before you smoke your first cigarette for the day. You can smoke just one half of a cigarette to cut back.

Do it for your loved ones

Kick the smoking habit for the health of your loved ones. People exposed to secondhand smoke are at higher risk for developing a number of different cancers and other conditions. The sooner you stop smoking, the sooner your loved ones will be free from the risks associated with inhaling secondhand smoke while they’re in your presence. Quitting smoking will not only reduce the risk to your own health, but also the risk to those around you.

TIP! If you can’t quit right now, change cigarette brands.
Choosing a brand you hate the taste or smell of is a great way to make you hate smoking even more.

You need to look for ways to have high motivation clearly in sight and in mind at all times. You can put up motivational messages in your office, or wear a piece of jewelry that reminds you of your struggle.

Find support online

Find support through different online forms and communities. There are hundreds of useful websites entirely focused on helping smokers give up their habit. You can find it useful to compare techniques with other smokers.

Stay as optimistic as possible when developing a regimen to quit smoking. Visualize the improvements you’ll experience in your quality of life once you’re a non-smoker. Think of everything that will improve, from your skin to your hair, your breath to the smell of your car. Accepting that cigarette smoking has negative health effects can be a scare for some, but focusing on the positives can be very motivational, too.

TIP! Plan ahead on how to manage any stressful situations. Many smokers get used to smoking when stressed.

Make a plan how to handle stress

Plan ahead for how you are going to respond to stress without turning to cigarettes. Many smokers have the habit of lighting up when something stressful happens. Keep a back-up plan handy in case one doesn’t work.

Instead of thinking that you “must” quit, think of it as a gift to yourself. Think of how it will change your life, and how failing to quit will affect your health long-term. This will give you a good reason to stop.

Think about the effect our smoking has on your family. Remember that if you get seriously ill or die because of smoking, it will hurt your family. Thinking like this can help you stay motivated. Statistics prove that a high number of deaths in America can be attributed to smoking every year. Don’t be a statistic.

This article provides you with an overview of some of the most common and most effective techniques for stopping smoking. While some ex-smokers will have cravings for the rest of their life, following the above advice will better equip you to resist those cravings.

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